Multiplication.com games for the Wii!

We have received many requests to make the games here available for the Wii. Well, here you go! There are the games available right now for the Wii. We will try to add more as often as possible!

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Math Wash Up

Wash the windows of this skyscraper to earn the Penthouse!

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Cone Crazy

Penguins just love ice cream! Serve some cones up while practicing your multiplication facts.

Fantastic Fish Shop Fantastic Fish Shop

Fantastic Fish Shop

Keep your customers happy by giving them the correct fish.

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Granny Prix

Some awesome grannies are racing their wheelchairs and having fun! Can you win?

Dino Disco Dino Disco

Dino Disco

Practice your dance moves and your multiplication facts!

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Wade's Workout

It is time for Wade to get in shape for soccer season. Can you help him while practicing your multiplication facts?

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Tony's Tires

Your car is in desperate need of some new tires. Help Tony to earn those tires.

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Math Models

Mix and match clothes to come up with your favorite outfit! The more math problems you get right, the more clothes you get!

Math Monsters Math Monsters

Math Monsters

Create your own crazy monster with the parts you earn by doing math problems!

Aguatic Raceway Aquatic Raceway

Aquatic Raceway

Race your favorite aquatic animal. The faster you answer the questions correctly, the faster you will go.

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Ants Go Marching

Hurry and get your math answers before the ants run away with your food.

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Classroom Capers

Have fun drawing on the board while practicing your math facts!

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Winter Coloring Fun

Color your way to learning the times tables. The correct answers unlock all the colors!

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy

Carl's Cookie Capers

Learn the basic of multiplication with Carl as he teaches you about repeated addition.

Pizza Pizzazz Pizza Pizzazz

Pizza Pizzazz

Serve up some delicious pizzas while practicing your multiplication facts!

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